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Made with Loopy HD on an iPad:

#telekom #weihnachtsfeier #2013 (at Weihnachsfeier @Telekom Campus)

#olloclip 15x #macro and a bit of post processing. #citizen #skyhawk

Na, wer erinnert sich und hat es auch noch? Leider taugt der Akku nix (mehr). #apple #headset

My current DIY project involves an old flatbed scanner, a Raspberry Pi, some electronics and my camera. It produces focus stacking images. I wrote a blog article (in German) about it.

Another cool product I stumbled upon today because it’s integrated into Jive's AppStore as well: LucidChart. Draw Visio-like diagrams in your web browser and integrate them almost everywhere. Awesome!

Just stumbled upon this today: the blogging platform (to be) Ghost. It was a Kickstarter¬†campaign and I totally missed it! The visuals look fantastic and the features list looks great, too. Can’t wait using it! Should be out soon (end of summer 2013) and available under the MIT open source license!

Woohooo! #gadget #tuesday! #withings #pulse AND #leapmotion arrived!! Happy #gadgetday to me! :-)))

YAY! FedEx hat geklingelt! #LeapMotion arrived!! :-)